Specialist sub-contract, surface engineering facility providing paint & powder finishing services to a wide selection of manufacturing industries.

ABS Coatings applies superior quality protective and decorative finishes to your products using...

Powder coating in:
- polyester
- epoxy/polyester
- textured
· Aqueous and solvent based
paint systems in...
- single and twin pack epoxy paints
- single and twin pack polyurethane
- alkyd stove enamels

We have years of experience to help you to engineer the best and most appropriate properties to the surface of your product.

We provide you with a total managed service according to a variety of service level agreements that you choose. Our premium partner service includes technical consultancy, transport, ABS Coatings' zero defects guarantee, and compliance with agreed delivery schedules.

Rightly or wrongly the quality of your product is perceived by its finish. The appearance and durability of your finished products should compliment the quality and design of your manufactured item. We understand these points and have made it our mission to apply top quality materials to achieve the finish, optimising the appearance and value of your product. ABS Coatings have the service, skills, expertise, and people to provide quality where it counts: in the finish.